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Transforming spaces with art

Imagine walking into a space where every wall tells a story, where colours dance and come alive, and where creativity knows no bounds. James Ellis, being one of the most talented Brisbane mural artists, has the ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

A dull and boring wall can be instantly brought to life with a mural that showcases your personality, sparks conversation and creates a captivating atmosphere. With James’s skillful brushstrokes, even the most lackluster wall can become a vibrant centerpiece that radiates energy and joy.

4WD Murals

4WDs are one of our most favourite subjects for murals. Please get in touch with us for an estimate and 1300Murals will be more than delighted to help you with your wall project. All we require is a high-quality image to work with.

Multi-story Car Park

1300Murals are the national painting and art contractor for First Parking. On more than 10 sites in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, we have installed colour-coded level artworks. Together with signage and directional markings, we have also painted kerbs, entry islands, poles in safety colouring and floors with non-slip coatings.

Advertising Murals

These are artworks created as part of ad campaigns for Coopers Brewery, Soapbox Beer, MilkLab, Containers for Change and Flight Centre.

Animal Murals

Many animal murals have been produced by 1300Murals for usage in businesses, schools and private homes, and the clients are happy with the outcomes. We’ve produced our fair share of animal-themed artwork, including pieces that include local birds, marine life, reptiles, and many other animals.

Portraits and figurative works

Portraits and figurative works are one of our favourite subjects to paint. These are murals of people’s portraits that we have created for various business walls. If you want one for your wall, get in touch with us.


James is very talented! Highly recommend.

Mitchell lacey

James does such a great job and makes the process of getting a mural done very easy. I’m shocked at the photo realism and found it to be fantastic value for money. Way better than the other options.

Todd Saxby

Great professional service, with the appropriate amount of creativity. We have used 1300 murals several times and been happy with the process and finished product every time.

Luke Nixon

A Splash of Magic at 1300 Murals 🎨✨

Where do I even begin to describe the fantabulous experience I had with 1300 Murals? I’ll start by saying that if you’re looking for the epitome of creativity, quirkiness, and a tinge of magic, then my friend, look no further! 🌟

As I strolled through the land of bland and monotonous walls, I stumbled upon 1300 Murals, and boy oh boy, was I in for a treat! With their brush-wielding wizards 🧙‍♂️ and paint-splattered sorceresses 🧙‍♀️, this squad of artistic enchanters transformed my walls into portals to another dimension! ✨

Before I knew it, my home was adorned with splendid murals of enchanting forests, mysterious creatures, and whimsical wonders that made my heart dance with glee.

Not only did the 1300 Murals team deliver top-notch artistry, but they also sprinkled their process with a delightful dash of eccentricity. With their paintbrushes named after famous artists, and their penchant for narrating the murals’ stories as they painted, I felt as if I were a part of their magical world. 🌈

In conclusion, if you’re tired of the mundane and itching for an adventure, call the creative conjurers at 1300 Murals. They’ll weave a mesmerizing tale on your walls and leave you spellbound! 🎨🔮

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Lincoln Savage

Professional Brisbane Mural Artists

If you’re longing to transform a dull and boring wall into a breathtaking work of art, then hire one of the best Brisbane Mural Artists, James Ellis from 1300 Murals, to make it happen. Through his creative genius and mastery as a mural painter in Brisbane, James can bring life, colour and vibrancy to any space.

From capturing your vision to creating a captivating mural that enchants the senses, James’s expertise will leave you in awe. Contact James Ellis today and embark on a journey of transforming your space.